Easy Monkey Bread Recipe

Easy Monkey Bread Recipe

Try our easy monkey bread recipe.  Buttery, gooey sticky delicious caramelized sugar en-robbed onto every mouth watering piece of goodness. 

Recipe for Monkey Bread

Baker’s %  
All Purpose flour 90  
Pastry Flour 10  
Yeast 4  
Water 20  
Eggs 30  
Salt 2  
Sugar 15  
Butter 15  

Mixing Procedure Planetary mixer mix 8 minutes on slow speed and 5 minutes of high speed.
Dough Temperature 26-27 Celsius
Bulk fermentation 45
Scale using a dough scraper cut dough pieces at 20 grams
Chill Dough 20 min.
  • Instructions:
  • Spray bundt pan thoroughly with pan release or butter.
  • Melt unsalted butter
  •  coat in melted butter followed by sugar mixture. Place in bundt pan about half way. 8 inch bundt pan will hold about 400 grams of coated dough balls.
  • Proofing for 60 minutes with proofer 120 minutes ambient
  • Oven temperature
190 Celsius
  • Baking for 20-25 minutes or until golden brown.

Coating Preparation:

  • Brown Sugar – 60%
  • Granulated Sugar 37%
  • Madagascar  Cinnamon 3%
  • Add the both sugars and cinnamon and blend with a mixing machine using the paddle or whisk attachment.
  • If blending by hand use a whisk.






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