My-sweet-potato-pie Recipe

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Ingredients & Directions

4 Huge Sweet Potatoes (really
Big ones)
5 Eggs
2 c Firmly packed light brown
1 ts Salt
1 ts (to 1 1/2 ts) ginger
-(depends on how much
-you like ginger)
1 ts (to 1 1 /2 ts) cinnamon
-(ditto above)
1/2 ts (to 1 ts) ground cloves
-(ditto above)
2 ts Vanilla
1 c Whole milk – none of this
Skim or 1% stuff —
1 c Melted unsalted butter –
Okay you CAN use salted
2 Nine inch pie shells

Bake the sweet potatoes until they are fully cooked…all soft and
mushy. (Hint: bake them on a foil covered jellyroll pan…they tend
to be messy when cooking.) When the potatoes are fully cooked, remove
from oven and cool a bit…then cut one potato in about half, cover
it in butter and eat it right up!!! You need only three and a half
taters and they are so darn good fresh from the oven.

Cook the remaining taters and then remove the skins….mash them up
in a big ole bowl real good. Add the milk and dump the eggs where
most of the milk has settled and beat ’em with our electric mixer
(the KitchenAid Mixer bowl won’t hold all the mix so use a hand
mixer…) Slosh all the dry ingredients into the bowl and beat
really, really well. Sweet taters are filled with FIBER and they need
a good deal of mixing. Lastly, add the melted butter, one half cup at
the time, mixing very well. Then, just for good measure, beat the
dickens out of the whole thing for a couple more minutes.

This should make enough for two good size pies and just enough left
over for great bowl scraping. Pour the mix into the shells, bake at
400 degrees for about an hour or until a knife is inserted and
removed from the pie clean. Start checking in about 45
minutes…just to be on the safe and not burned side. Remove from
oven, cool, eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner

4 Servings

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