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What Are The Advantages Of Natural Yeast And How To Make It

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Bread made with natural yeast is a great alternative for those looking for foods made with minimal artificial ingredients, or for creating recipes that are made with just simple ingredients, flour, water, salt, and natural yeast.

Bread is comfort food and part of many of our daily diets. Among the wide range and varieties of existing bread types, one that has become popular and has a make-a-come-back is the naturally fermented ones. These bread are referred to as Sourdough bread, Grandma’s Bread, or Bread from the past.

This type of natural yeast, known as sourdough, or levain, is quite different from the common types of commercially manufactured yeast which most bakeries use to essentially increase their efficiencies and productively in order to produce large volumes of bread. In turn, these types of bread lack flavor and have a denser crumb structure.

Bread that is leavened naturally has a unique flavor profile and crumb structure in part due to the sourdough used and long fermentation. You can expect this bread to have a nice balanced lactic acid creamy taste and the cell structure to be unreformed with small and large holes through the crumb structure and enhanced crust characters which is desirable with these types of loaves. This is why I love this bread and why sourdough loaves are unique.

Now I have to throw this out there, I’m a baker and by no means am questioning the use of commercial yeast in baked products, I use it on a daily basis along with my sourdough. We all know that commercial yeast has revolutionized the bakery industry and there are many great bread products like hotdog and hamburger buns that contain commercial yeast and taste great along with their specific honeycomb soft texture which is in part because of the yeast.

To end, Natural yeast or sourdough is cultivated naturally with the help of the microflora which is a host of bacteria and other microorganisms present in our environment. You simply add water and flour to a jar, refresh it every day and by day 7, you have a naturally active yeast we call Sourdough. If you are interested in making your own natural yeast starter then click HERE and get started.

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