Double-chocolate Buttermilk Cake Recipe

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Ingredients & Directions

2 c Sifted all-purpose flour
1/4 ts Salt
1/4 ts Freshly grated nutmeg
1 1/2 ts Baking soda
4 oz Unsweetened chocolate
1 c Unsalted butter; at room
-temperature (margarine can
-be substituted; or use half
-of each)
1 3/4 c Granulated sugar
4 lg Eggs
1 1/3 c Buttermilk
1 ts Vanilla extract
1 c Semisweet mini-chocolate

1/2 c Unsalted butter; softened
-but not melted
1 lg Egg yolk (optional)
1 pn Salt
1 ts Vanilla extract
4 -(up to)
4 1/2 c Sifted confectioners’ sugar
4 -(up to)
6 oz Semisweet chocolate; melted
-and cooled
5 -(up to)
6 tb Heavy cream or milk; OR as

From: Felicia Pickering MNHAN063@SIVM.SI.EDU

Date: Sat, 13 Jul 1996 15:23:40 EDT
This cake can be made in 2 9-inch cake pans or one sheet cake pan 9 x 13
inches. For a gala you can split the 2 layers into 4, filling them with
whipped cream, fresh raspberries, and shavings of semi-sweet chocolate.

Prepare pans: Spread solid shortening on bottom and sides of pan(s), then
dust evenly with unsweetened cocoa or flour; tap out excess cocoa or flour.
Position shelf in lower third of oven. Preheat oven to 325 F (165 C).

Sift together the flour, salt, nutmeg, and baking soda. Remove 1
tablespoon of flour mixture and set rest aside. Toss mini-chocolate chips
with the tablespoon of flour mixture and set aside.

Melt the 4 ounces of unsweetened chocolate in the top pan of a double
boiler set over hot, not boiling, water. Remove chocolate from heat, stir
to make sure it is completely melted and smooth, then set aside to cool
until comfortable to touch.

In the large bowl of an electric mixer, cream together the butter and sugar
until light and fluffy. Stop the mixer and scrape down the bowl and
beaters several times. Add the eggs, one at a time, beating well after each

With the mixer on low, add the flour mixture and buttermilk alternately to
batter, beginning and ending with flour. Stir in the vanilla and cooled
chocolate, blending until the color is even. Stir in the mini- chocolate
chips till evenly distributed.

Turn the mixture into the prepared pan(s). Smooth it level, then spread it
slightly from the center toward the edges of the pan so it will rise
evenly. Bake in the lower third of the oven for 40 to 50 minutes for the
sheet cake, 35 to 45 minutes for layers, or until the top is lightly
springy to the touch and a cake tester inserted in the center comes out
clean. Leave the cake in its pan(s) on a wire rack for 10 minutes. Top
with a second rack and invert; lift off pan(s). Cool the cake completely on
the rack. (If splitting layers, use a serrated knife.) Fill and frost the
layers. Or leave the sheet cake in its pan to cool, and frost and serve it
from the pan, making 3-inch squares.

Quick Chocolate Buttercream Frosting: In an electric mixer or food
processor, cream the butter until soft, then beat in the egg yolk if using
it, the salt, and the vanilla. With the mixer on low speed or pulsing the
processor, add about 1/4 cup of the sugar. Beat smooth. Beat in the
chocolate. Alternately add cream and remaining sugar, blending smooth
between additions. Use only as much cream as necessary to reach spreading
consistency. Scrape down sides of bowl. Add more cream if too stiff.
Chill the icing to harden if too soft. Makes about 2 1/2 cups, to fill and
frost an 8- or 9-inch 2-layer cake.

Recipe is from _A Piece of Cake_ by Susan G. Purdy.

EAT-L Digest 12 July 96

From the EAT-L recipe list. Downloaded from Glen’s MM Recipe Archive,

12 Servings

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