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Ingredients & Directions

1 tb SUGAR
2 ts SALT
1 3/4 c CRISCO (I ROUND UP THE 3/4
1/2 c WATER

Don’t let length of this recipe scare you off of it, it is just
“instructions.” I write very detailed explecit instructions. It is so
wonderfully easy, and you can do it all in fifteen minutes and have five
pie crusts for the freezer. From TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE Chet b.

This recipe came from one of those random recipes you see in the newspapers
occasionally. There was no credit, and it was attached to absolutely
nothing. I saw this one several different times over a period of months. It
was always titled “Perfect Pie Crust.” I presume the editor simply used it
for a “filler.” I decided to try it and found that it is indeed the PERFECT
pie crust. I questioned the vinegar at first, but why should you question
anything that produces a result this good!

Mix flour, sugar, and salt. Add shortening and mix with fork until
consistency of coarse meal. (I prefer to cut in with metal pastry blender.)
In small bowl, mix 1/2 cup water with vinegar and egg. Combine with flour
mixture and stir around until all is moistened thoroughly. Do this quickly
to moisten evenly. Spatula the moistened dough out onto well floured
surface. With floured hands, squeeze entire mixture into one big ball and
then separate into five equal-sized portions of dough. I weigh each one,
adding and taking away from each other to get them all equal. When equal in
size, pat out and shape into large hamburger-sized patties. They freeze
beautifully, so wrap each in waxed paper and freeze what you do not plan to
use immediately. The pie crust dough will defrost in about fifteen to
twenty minutes when you are ready to use it. This makes an extremely flaky
and extremely good pie crust.


TIP: To roll out and make a perfect pie crust, I use a plastic ring
available in most gourmet cooking equipment stores. These usually come in
one package of three different sizes: one for a nine inch pie crust, one
for a ten inch, and the other one either larger or smaller than the other
two. I choose the one that best fits the size pan I plan to use, allowing
for the drop in the pan and an overhang to fold under when making edge of
pie crust. I roll the dough out evenly to fit the inside of the plastic
ring I am using, lift the ring away, place my rolling pen in the middle of
the dough, and lift the side of the dough next to me up and over the
rolling pen. Then I gently lift the whole thing (rolling pen and dough
together) up and onto pie pan, unrolling dough over pan surface as I go. I
gently push the dough into place if unevenly proportioned when unrolling. I
then quickly and carefully tuck the overhanging dough under and unto the
lip edge of the pan, crimping the dough between my index finger and thumb
as I go around, to form a design around the edge.

You may have your own particular way to get the rolled-out dough into the
pie pan. The above is my way. If yours is easier for you, fine. The way I
described is extremely easy once you get the hang of it. Prick bottom of
unbaked pie crust with a fork in several places and then put a waxed paper
lining in it. Place a cup or more of dried beans on top of waxed paper (or
pie crust weights if you use,) spreading to edge of crust before baking.
This will keep the crust from puffing up as it bakes. Bake in preheated,
475-degree oven for 12 to 15 minutes. Cover crust with foil if it starts to
get too brown while cooking.

YIELD: Five 9-inch pie crusts.

1 Servings

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