Pinsa Romano Crust Recipe

Pinsa Romano Crust Recipe
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Pinsa Romano crust recipe, This unique crust dates back to ancient Roman times and is still a favorite among the Italians. Here is a traditional ancient easy to make pinsa romana recipe from our Master Baker from Rome. The secret is Time, time to allow the dough to bulk ferment along with the right amount of hydration in the dough. The poolish will give your pinsa dough a balanced flavor and authentic airy crust.

  • Poolish Recipe:
  • Flour 100%
  • Water 100%
  • Yeast 0.2%
  • Method: Mix all ingredient for approximately 10 minutes, Cover and Bulk ferment at room temperature for 12-16 hours before usage.
  • Pinsa Romano Recipe:
  • All Purpose Flour 90%
  • Semolina Flour    10%
  • Water 65%
  • Poolish 50%
  • Salt 2.4%
  • Yeast .5%
  • OLIVE OIL 5%
    Mixing 8 min. low, 5 min. high  or until fully developed
    Dough temperature 25-26◦C
    Cover and Bulk fermentation 60 min.
  • Scale 280 g
  • pre shape into oval format about  9 inches and rest dough covered for 40 min. Place dough piece on top of semolina flour and starting dimpling from the outer rim and work towards the center.  Once completely flattened, drip some olive oil on top and bake onto oven stone..
  • Oven temperature 350◦C
  • Baking time 60 seconds.

Remove from oven once baked and cool. Top as desired and bake again at 200C for approximately 10 minutes.

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