What Is Calcium Propionate And How Is It Made?

What Is Calcium Propionate And How Is It Made?

Looking for answers in regards to what is calcium propionate and how it’s made?

The food additive Calcium propionate belongs to inorganic compounds. The salt of calcium and propionic acid is obtained by the interaction of propionic acid with chloride or calcium hydroxide, while the impurities are: carbonates, calcium lactates. The chemical formula of the compound: Ca (C2H5COO) 2. Externally, the additive E-282 has the form of a crystalline powder, transparent or white with the smell of propionic acid. It is characterized by good solubility in water, slightly soluble in methanol and ethanol, and does not dissolve in benzene.

Calcium Propionate is used as a preservative in bakery products to improve the micro bacterial properties of yeast-based baked products as bread, it is also used in confectionery products. It is extremely effective at inhibiting mold, particularly “ROPE” which is the most common mold found on bread.

Check your Countries Food regulations on the accepted usage usages.

For example, In Canada, the max usage for Calcium Propionate is 2000 ppm (parts per million) of propionic acid for certain bread-type applications. In roti or tortillas, the max usage is up to 4000 ppm (parts per million) of propionic acid.

What Is The Appearance Of Calcium Propinate?


Calcium propionate is a white crystalline powder in granular form, it has a faint odor of propionic acid and can be more noticeable in packed bread depending on the amount used through the course of the shelf life.

Is Calcium Propionate Vegan?

Yes, Calcium propionate is vegan. Calcium Propionate is made from a chemical reaction without containing any animal or animal by-products. It is vegan and vegetarian friendly.

Does Calcium Proponate Contain Dairy?

Calcium propionate is not derived from any dairy products making it dairy-free. People who are sensitive to lactose or intolerances to milk allergy can consume dairy-free products that contain this preservative. By no means is this or am I giving any medical advice, always speak with your doctor to get appropriate medical recommendations and advice.

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