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Honey Wheat Fruit Bread Recipe


Honey wheat Fruit bread recipe. This recipe is for a healthy honey wheat Fruit bread made with only natural ingredients. Simple ingredients like dried fruits ( apricots, raisins, cranberries), flour, honey, bran. This recipe will give you 4 loaves at 600 grams each.

Honey Wheat Bread Recipe. You will need to prepare the Biga 12 hours prior to usage.

Biga Recipe:

Flour 200 grams

Water 110 grams

Yeast 6 grams

Biga Mixing Preparation and mixing:

Mix all ingredients in spiral mixer for 5 minutes on low and  3 minutes on high. Cover dough and place into Retarder for approximately 12 hours.

Final Dough Mixing:

In a mixing bowl add the flour, whole wheat flour, bran and water and mix for 5 minutes. Autolyse the for 20 minutes then add the remaining ingredients including the Biga and mix on low for 5 minutes then on high for 5 minutes.

Once dough is complete add the dried fruits and mix on low for 2 minutes. Place dough in bin and bulk ferment for 60 minutes.

Scale at 600 grams each and pre shape into round format.

Final shape into oval and top with rolled oats and place into baking pan with topping side facing outwards.

Proof for 60 minutes.

Bake with light steam at 200 Celsius for approximately 25-30 minutes.

 Flour (  Bakers Flour) 850 grams


Biga 316 grams
Bran 15 gram
Whole Wheat Flour 150 grams
Honey 20 grams
Gluten 15 grams
Salt 22 grams
Black strap Molasses 20 grams
Natural Caramel Colour 5 grams
Yeast 25 grams
Oil 20 grams
Water 630 gram

Dried Apricots       100 gram

Dried Raisins         100 grams

Dried Cranberries 100 grams



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