Blueberry Pine Nut Bread Recipe


Blueberry Pine Nut Bread Recipe. This recipe is made a natural pre ferment Poolish that will give the bread a unique flavor profile.


Blueberry Pine Nut Bread
  •  Poolish Recipe:
  • Flour 200 grams
  • Water 200 grams
  • Yeast 4 grams

Bulk ferment Poolish 12 hours at ambient temperature before usage.

Bread Flour 100o grams
Sugar 100 grams
Salt 24 grams
Honey 2o grams
Liquid Egg 6o grams
Butter 4o grams
Fresh Yeast 20 grams
Poolish ( Pre Perment ) 404 grams
Water 500 grams
Dried Blueberries 150 grams
Pine Nuts 100 grams
      Spiral mixing machine:
      Mix 5 minutes low and  5 minutes on high
     Add the dried blueberries and pine nuts after mixing is complete and mix on low for additional 2 minutes.
      Bulk fermentation, 20 mins
      Scale as desired

Shape as desired.

Proof for 60 minutes

Bake at 190ºC with steam. Baking time will vary depending on weight.

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