What is the composition of flour

What is the composition of flour
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What is the composition of flour, for the most part the composition of flour is similar, Starch, Water( Moisture) Protein, Sugar, Fat and Minerals. The quality of flour will depend on many different factors. The biggest differentiation is the flours protein content, Strong bakers flour also known as bread flour is a high protein flour 12-14% of Gluten. All purpose flour  protein is between 10-12%. Pastry flour protein content is in the range of 9% and cake with the lowest protein content is 7-8%.

Below is the composition of Cake Flour,

  1. Starch 72.1 percent (72.1%)
  2. Water 13.5 percent (13.5%)
  3. Protein 8 percent (8%)
  4. Sugar 4 percent (4%)
  5. Fat 1 percent (1%)
  6. Minerals 0.4 percent (0.4%)

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