Baking 101

Baking 101, Learn the basic baking techniques and principles of Food Science for making cakes, patisserie and breads. You will learn about ingredient functionalities and how they influence certain characteristics in different baked products and in unbaked products like mousses, creams and frosting. Baking 101 will touch on topics such as the influencing factors of the composition in flour and starch. Functionalities of sugar, salt, fats, emulsifiers, water, eggs, dairy , additives, hydrocolloids, perservatives and humectants.
You will also learn tips and trick to assure your baking, patisserie and pastries always turn out right without any upsetting results. Learn best practices on how to mix your dough and batters. will teach you best practices in baking process for all applications, whether it’s at your home or in your retail bakery or commercial bakery you will learn how to bake a perfect loaf or cake every time.
Chocolate is another topic that you will be learning about. BakerRecipes will explain the chocolate tempering process, learn about different kinds of chocolate, real chocolate made with cocoa and coco butter, compound chocolate made with e vegetable fats, sugars and cocoa. you will have a good understand on their melting points and how it influences the finished product.
You will also learn about fruit fillings and their functionalities in desserts like pies, cakes, and pastries. Get insight how the the brix and ph influence taste and texture.
Here you will also learn about different product formats and shapes from patisserie to breads, you will be amazed on the 1000’s of different finished products that surround us from around the World.

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