What is classified as food additives in baked products

The list below are ingredients that are classified as food additives in baked products and must be declared on label of finished products. Food additives are considered any substance that alters the characteristics of products from its original state.

  1. Anti-caking agents
  2. Bleaching, maturing and dough conditioning agents
  3. Colouring agents
  4. Emulsifying, gelling, stabilizing or thickening agents
  5. Food enzymes
  6. Firming agents
  7. Glazing and polishing agents
  8. Food additives with other generally accepted uses
  9. Sweeteners
  10. pH adjusting agents, acid reacting materials or water correcting agents
  11. Preservatives
    1.  curing preservatives;
    2.  – antibacterial;
    3.  – antifungal and antimycotic;
    4.  – antioxidants
  12. Sequestering agents
  13. Starch modifying agents
  14. Yeast foods
  15. Carrier or extraction solvents

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